Before and After

I love when clients send after shots of their project! This client just sent me some gorgeous pictures of her new entryway and playroom. She did a great job pulling it all together!


Pederson Entry 1


Pederson BA2



Pederson Playroom 1


Pederson BA 1

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Homegrown’s Expanding Family

The Homegrown family is going to grow by one around May, and we are so excited to welcome Baby Boy Lipman into this crazy and wonderful world! We have been working frantically to get our very dated and rather unsafe house (that is also full of love!) ready for his impending arrival. Our house was built in the 70′s, and most likely not updated since then, so while we have a long way to go before this place is blog ready, we’ve made great strides toward our final goal! I’ll be posting pictures soon of the nursery, which is slowly coming together, but until then, I wanted to share my April’s Exclusive eDecorating Designs which are all about nurseries. With a baby on the way, the amount of new things you need and want can start to feel overwhelming. People keep telling me that you don’t need half of the stuff you think you do, but I’m not sure I’ve figured out which half could be cut out. It all seems very necessary. But, after talking to lots of moms, I have figured out what makes a nursery the most functional, and I have taken those tips and turned them into nursery eDecorating design that are not only beautiful but also extremely functional! These are some of my favorite products in the baby world, and when you sign up for my newsletter, you can receive special Homegrown pricing on anything you see below.

April Exclusive Deals

April Exclusive Deal 2

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Save BIG with The Overhaul

We are launching our newest design package, and it’s all about BIG savings! We are now offering purchasing to save you the time and energy of ordering the products yourself, plus, with our designer discount, you can save enough on your product purchases to cover the design package fee and a lot more!

With the new Overhaul Design Package ($599 per space), you receive all of the same great design boards, 3D floor plans, and shopping list, and we will also order all of the products for you to be shipped directly to your home.

As a design firm, we receive exclusive discounts when ordering products, and now we can pass those savings on to you. Depending on the vendor, you will be able to save between 5%-50% on almost everything ordered (and since time is money, you’ll be saving even more than that!).

Here are just a few examples of how you can save the with Overhaul Design Package…

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Save and Splurge: Klismos Chair

The Klismos Chair is a greek inspired classic chair. I love how the clean lines of this chair fit into any contemporary space, and the curves soften up the overall look and feel to keep that inviting quality. These will add a lot of sophistication to your dining room without any stiffness. With these chairs, your dinner party will be a night to remember. To get this look, Global Views has a spectacular rendition of the the chair that also has a spectacularly high price tag of $1,998 per chair. If a drop of red wine fell on one of those chairs, I think I would have a heart attack. But, thankfully Restoration Hardware also has their version for only $229. That is still a pretty decent investment for a dining chair, if you ask me, but the chair could last a lifetime!

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Lantern Love

I keep finding myself drawn to entryways and kitchen with gorgeous lanterns. I love the light they give off and the style they add to the space. They are open and airy but still demand attention. Style seems to be no obstacle for a great lantern. They can go from classy glamour to rustic chic without a second thought. The cost of a great lantern varies, so you can fit this look into any budget. On the low end, Ballard Designs has the stylish Calisse Pendant for $249. Mid range lanterns can be found at stores like Restoration Hardware with their Quentin Pendant for $499. There’s almost no ceiling (pun intended) for how high you can go on the high end versions with this look. Candelabra has the beautiful Currey and Company Bamburgh Lantern for $2,464.



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Designer Love: Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell’s designs are loveable and liveable. They are so inviting and warm, clean and bright, I can’t help but love each and every space! While they look extremely pulled together and professional, they still look like home. It takes great skill and confidence to create a space that looks this easy and effortless. It’s like watching the Olympics and thinking “I could totally do that triple back flip!”  It’s not as easy as the professionals make it look, and Ashley Campbell just got a 10.0 with her perfect landing!



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Save and Splurge

A laid back breakfast table with style is no easy feat. Most casual seating options lack luster and pizzazz, but these Everyday Side Chairs from Caracole have all the pop and fizz that you could want while keeping the room feeling cool, calm and casual. The only problem is that chairs with this much personality usually come with a hefty price tag. This side chair at runs you $462 a chair, while the much more affordable West Elm Spoke Chair is only $299. You miss out on the fun scalloped back detail, but you can make up for that with dish ware, place settings, or anything else you want to spend that extra cash you’ve saved by going with the save option.

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Color Obsession: Coral


Continuing with my spring color obsession, corals and golds hold a special place in my heart. I tend to stear away from classic pink. I have never been a fan of that traditional girly shade, but the warm tones of coral have always grabbed my attention. I love how it reminds me of warmth and the outdoors. No matter where you see it, clothes, homes, flowers, it is always eye-cathing. Pair a sublte coral with some shades of golds, pinks, reds, and oranges, and you have the perfect spring time color palette. Here are some show stopping examples of how to bring coral into your home…



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Designer Love: Jeffers Design Group


I love finding rooms that stop me in my tracks, that I find myself getting lost in, and that I can’t pinpoint one single reason why I am so in love. Rooms, that even though they have a cohesive look, can’t describe by in one sentence or defined by one style. Jeffers Design Group creates just this type of space. They are fun and engaging, subtly warm and extremely stylish. These designs will look fresh and new for years to come.


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Save and Splurge

Round dining tables are the perfect solution to keep the conversation going all dinner long. They prevent ends from getting pulled into the own conversation, and without any head of the table, everyone feels comfortable and casual. Round tables are also a great solution to space issues. If you are short on square footage, a round dining table will give you more ways to pack in the guests without having to avoid corners. I love Global Views take on the round dining table with their Plank Table, but the price tag is a little hard to swallow. World Market to the rescue! Their Cooper Round Dining Table saves the day and the budget.

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